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Ghigo Renzulli Shooting 2020

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No_Vox was officially born in 2018
as a purely instrumental project.
The very first song of this project, “La Danza di Minerva”
from 2016, was released as a bonus track,
in the vinyl version of Litfiba’s last studio album, “Eutopia”.

Subsequently, Ghigo dedicated himself entirely to the composition
of instrumental music, until the identity of this new path was clear,
which takes the name of No_Vox and
is defined as “The voice of instruments”.

IIn this project Ghigo wanted to channel his inspirations
and his experience as an artist, free to move between
different musical genres (rock, blues, folk, etc..),
preserving and developing the highly recognizable Litfiba sound,
his trademark.
In this adventure, in addition to the role of composer,
arranger and obviously guitarist,
Ghigo also reserved for himself the role of “bandleader”.
NO_VOX is a “dynamic” collective and for this reason,
the songs are structured in such a way that they can be proposed
from time to time with a different band in terms of personnel.

The first No_Vox album is “Cinematic”,
whose 11 tracks are linked by the common thread of the “world of cinema”
which is explored with original compositions and free reinterpretations
of famous soundtrack themes
(Pirates of the Caribbean, Sin City, 1492 -Conquest of Paradise).

The album, made available as a preview in November 2020,
in CD format, as an attachment to the autobiography
“40 years of Litfiba” (Arcana Editrice),
sees the collaboration of 15 Italian and international musicians,
some of whom also played the role of co-composers.

Subsequently, in May 2021 it was released as a double LP
(in two versions, marbled and transparent vinyl)
and made available for digital download and streaming.

Cinematic Cover
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In July of the same year, the first and only No_Vox concert
was held in the setting of the Ancient Roman Theater in Fiesole.
The main purpose of the operation was to verify the impact of the show,
together with the definition of the basic personnel
(guitar, keyboards, bass, drums + sax and flamenco guitar
for the occasion), and the recording
of both video and audio live material.

During the show, in addition to the songs
already contained in Cinematic, new compositions were also proposed,
created specifically for the live “Alcazaba”,
testimony of the summer concert event, published in October 2021,
exclusively in CD format.

Subsequently, 8 video clips taken from the same evening
were published on the “Ghigo Renzulli No_Vox” YouTube channel. .

Alcazaba Cover
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After a break due to the Litfiba tour,
the video clip for “Exotica” was released in May 2023,
the first single from “Sound of Joy”,
a new project that involves the periodic publication of singles.
“Exotica” & “Abusey Junction” (Sound Of Joy – Vol. 1) is on sale on CD
in a particular 7″ format, distributed in several label colourings.

No_Vox belongs to the indipendent record label called
Radical Roads Recordings,
founded by Ghigo together with Alberto Pirelli.

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